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Toosey Old School Group of Companies is owned and operated by the Tl'esqox community (a community within the Tsilhqot'in Nation, also known as Toosey in Riske Creek, BC).

Toosey Old School Wood Products is an Indigenous-powered mill with a high return to the Tl'esqox community. The local Tl'esqox community may be small but it comes with big heart, and is a powerhouse of exceptional workmanship.  

The Group of Companies operates out of the old Riske Creek Elementary School, previously closed in 2006, but then acquired by the Tl'esqox community and renovated into a multi-use facility for business operations and training.

The companies consist of:

Toosey Old School Wood Products

Toosey Old School Training Centre

Toosey Old School Construction

Currently the company operates on four saws; two swing saws,  and two band saws - producing up to 13,000 board feet of product per shift, two edgers, a resaw, a planer and a kiln.

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General Line                                    250-659-5792

Manager Line                                  250-267-9389

Email                              sales.toswp@gmail.com

Address                             1238 Stack Valley Rd.,

                                        Riske Creek, BC  V0L 1T0